Environmental and Sustainable Practises

Adbri Quarries Penrice is a proud South Australian business committed to fostering business partnerships and supplying projects that benefit our community environmentally, socially, economically and promote a sustainable future.

Environmental and Sustainable practises

We are committed to;

  • Continually reducing the carbon footprint of all our processes, operations and facilities, including the use of energy efficient machinery and the use of alternative fuels such as Adblue.
  • Conservation of water including rainwater capture, storage and use on our site to minimise dust
  • Use of environmentally safe dust suppressants on our crushing plants as a replacement for water, potentially saving thousands of litres of water each year
  • Collecting all used oil and ensuring it is professionally recycled by an independent and accredited third party.
  • Ongoing re-vegetation using native trees
  • All vehicles using the truck wash facility installed at our site. The truck wash is supplied with water captured onsite and recycled through a series of silt buster tanks. The truck wash ensures that drag out of dirt and mud onto public roads is minimised, benefiting other road users and the local community.
  • Enforcing the use of tarping systems to minimise dust.
  • Converting to energy efficient lighting throughout the quarry premises.
  • Compliance with all relevant legislation, standards and codes of practice.

Adbri Quarries Penrice Mine Community Consultation Group

Adbri Quarries Penrice seeks to engage the Barossa community in the planning and operation of the limestone quarry at Penrice, near Angaston, in the Barossa.
Our approach is to establish an effective ongoing communication and consultation process in order to achieve widespread stakeholder engagement and the active sourcing of feedback for consideration in the future planning and operation of the mine.
A Community Consultation Group (CCG) will provide a forum to discuss the operation, provide for the flow of information and offer advice. Other forms of communication and consultation with stakeholders and community are planned in addition to the CCG.
Adbri Quarries Penrice will have full responsibility for resourcing, participating with and maintaining to the satisfaction of PIRSA, a CCG for the term of the operation and in accordance with terms of reference approved by PIRSA.

For more information, please follow link below.

Adbri Quarries Penrice Mine Community Consultation Group Terms of Reference